It’s always nice to bring something home to remember a trip, but the problem is what to do with it when you get back!

I’m trying to remove unnecessary clutter from my home, so am reluctant to bring anything back that isn’t useful.

Over the years I’ve returned home with all sorts of stuff, but this is what I’ve settled on :


A bit of an odd souvenir, I’ll admit – but here’s why I always come back from a holiday with new socks.

Firstly, you can never have enough socks, and they are constantly wearing out.

And secondly, open-air markets in Europe have a huge appeal to me! There’s nothing I enjoy more than wandering around the stalls, and while these trips invariably involve some kind of food, I can’t bring that home with me. So I keep a look out for a sock stall, and generally find some which I like.

And thirdly – and most importantly – when I’m back at home and getting ready for a day in the cold and grey, the sight of my colourful holiday socks makes me think of the day I bought them – and surely that’s the reason we all buy souvenirs in the first place!


I do still send postcards, mainly because elderly family really appreciate them, and while I’m choosing them I like to pick up a bookmark for myself.

They’re light and take up no room at all in my baggage home.

Fridge magnets

Available anywhere, these little things are cheap and easy to bring home, and brighten up my kitchen.