Flying to Spain from the UK just before Christmas, my window for travel was very limited – I could only take so much time off work, and wanted to get there before the day itself, preferably without spending a fortune.

The direct flights on my dates were all pretty expensive, so I found myself looking at connecting flights, which meant changing planes (and airlines) in Amsterdam.

I’ve never done this before, so I was a bit apprehensive and unsure what to expect. Would I have enough time to make the changeover? Would it all be a bit too stressful?

I went ahead and booked anyway – how tricky could it be? Sometimes you just have to dive in and do things.

Before I set off I watched the handy video on the KLM site, which gave an easy to follow guide to the transfer process.

I still wasn’t entirely sure how it would play out in real life, though, but was reassured by the advice given by the pilot before landing in Amsterdam – “Just at the boards for your gate, and follow the signs till you get there”

And that’s just what I did – and it really was that easy!  The signage is excellent and there are departure boards all over the place.

Schiphol is an amazing airport, with a huge variety of shopping and food outlets, but transferring there was nothing to worry about at all.

Next time I won’t hesitate before booking a good deal involving a flight transfer.