A walk through Montmartre

From Anvers metro station, cross the road onto Rue de Steinkerque. This is a busy touristy street with lost of cheap shops selling souvenirs.  Walk straight along it to the end. This

Top tips for a hassle free flight

I like to go to new places, but I don't have much spare cash so generally look around for the lowest cost way to travel. Here are a few things I've

What to look for

Sometimes you need a bit than a hotel or hostel can give you - perhaps you're planning a trip for a group, or need to take the needs of children

Ideas for a trip to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great place to visit, with plenty to do whatever your interests. If shopping is your thing, then the new town has all the big stores that you'd expect

Budget-friendly hotel chains

I generally stay at budget hotels, as I'd rather spend on food and experiences in places I visit.  I've stayed in a few throughout the UK, and thought my experiences

The Bone Chapel

If you're in the Algarve region of Portugal and you've had enough of relaxing on the beach, then Faro has an unusual place for you to visit. It's a short walk

An afternoon in Guadalest

Guadalest is a picturesque village perched high on a mountain, with great views of the surrounding countryside. If you're thinking of going there, it's worth noting that there are a lot

Overcoming my fear of heights

I grew up in a rural area, with no exposure to high buildings, and so never really got used to heights. In fact, they used to make me nervous, until I

Differences and Tips

At some point during a trip to Spain, most people find themselves in a supermarket, even if it's only to avoid paying convenience store prices for bottled water. There are a

A walk in Altea

I visited Altea, as many people do, on an afternoon trip from Benidorm. It's easy to get to - there is a local bus service, or you can do as