From Anvers metro station, cross the road onto Rue de Steinkerque.

This is a busy touristy street with lost of cheap shops selling souvenirs.  Walk straight along it to the end.

This is the busiest and most crowded section of this walk, and it doesn’t take long until you reach a much more open area.

The first thing you’ll notice is a beautiful old carousel, which featured in the film Amelie, and is still in excellent working order.

This is a good place to pause before you begin to climb the steps which eventually lead to Sacre Coeur, the beautiful white church which sits at the top of the hill ahead.

If you don’t feel like climbing the steps (and there are a lot of them!) then there is a funicular which will take you most of the way.

Much easier, but you will miss some terrific views.  At least pausing to admire them gives you time to get your breath back!

These aren’t the last steps, though, as there are quite a few leading to the church itself.

You can go into Sacre Coeur which is free to enter – and if you want to climb yet more steps, you can go up to the dome!

Or you can relax on the terrace and enjoy one of the best views in Paris.

The streets around Sacre Coeur are just beautiful, and lovely to wander round.

You might even spot the Clos Montmartre Vineyard, which still produces a few hundred bottles of wine each year – it’s close to the Maison Rose restaurant.

Heading back down the hill, it’s not far to go to Place du Tertre, famously known as Artists’ Square.

This is often busy, but is still worth a walk round, as there are many artists at work and selling paintings here, and the square itself is lined with attractive buildings.

Continue to work your way down the hill – the streets are a bit complicated so it may be best to use google maps to help you find your way down to Abbesses metro station.

On your way keep a look out for two wooden windmills which have somehow survived since the 18th century.

Brave Traveller tips

This walk involves a lot of steps, so I’d recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Busy tourist areas can attract pickpockets, so do take care with your possessions, especially in crowded areas.

Montmartre can feel a bit seedy at night, especially in the lower areas, so if you’re travelling alone this walk is best done during the day.